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Cradle to Convert NSF to PDF for Lawyers & Forensic People to View NSF Mails in PDF

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Excellent Tool Made to View Lotus Notes Mails in PDF File

PDF (that stands for Portable Document Format) file format has been defined by Adobe Acrobat. This application is found to be Free which let users to have a great option to view Lotus Notes mails in PDF format. Lotus Notes to PDF converter is specially designed with highly technical algorithm and simple Graphical user Interface that smoothly convert single or multiple mailbox in PDF format.

Exclusively Enormous Feature to Convert NSF to PDF Smoothly

Meta Data Retain Same

While convert NSF to PDF software will preserve the integrity of original data i.e. all the Meta properties like To, CC, BCC, From, Subject, Attachments, Images, HTML format and other embedded data will remain same as it was earlier in the NSF format.

Provide Scanning and Email Preview

NSF to PDF tool is an advance tool. All the mails which are selected for the PDF Conversion go through the Scanning procedure so that after conversion data will be threat free. User can also Preview the Meta details of each mail on selection before conversion.

Bulk Conversion of NSF Mails to PDF

With the help of Lotus Notes Converter user can convert NSF to PDF in bulk mode. Tool does not impose any kind of limitation regarding the size of NSF mails. They are free to convert unlimited mails.

Provide Independency

NSF to PDF converter will provide independency in many ways like user can create single PDF file for each email. With this way you can distinguish the important mails from the ordinary one. There is no restriction in making number of PDF file for unlimited mails.

Preserve Folder Hierarchy

While converting data from Lotus Notes NSF to PDF format users are more conscious about hierarchy of Data structure. But with NSF to PDF tool it should not be disturb in any way. ALL the mails even placed under many folders will be seen as it is after conversion.

Supports all Versions of Lotus Notes

Software is so much flexible that it is compatible with current 9.0 and it's below version of Lotus Notes also with Windows 8.1 and its below version. While converting data from NSF to PDF format Lotus Notes and Adobe Reader should be installed on your Machine.

Scenario that Need to Convert NSF to PDF Format

If you are an advocate or forensic investigator, then you must have come across or can come across this situation where you have to collect email evidences of a suspect from his office where he worked under Lotus Notes messaging environment. Now, Lotus Notes being system specific makes you unable to carry the email evidences with you. Also, if printer is not installed in that network, then it becomes totally impossible for you to do that. This is where the need to convert NSF to PDF arises. Once you perform this conversion, you can then carry the email evidences of the suspect along with you in PDF format in Pen Drive etc. To read PDF files, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a freely available application.

Lined Up Features of Convert NSF to PDF

  • Conveniently convert NSF to PDF with maintained Originality of previous Data Structure
  • Subsequent to the conversion process, you can view Lotus Notes email in Adobe Acrobat PDF format
  • You will be able to save attachments in a folder along with PDF files
  • The software will keep the Meta data of emails
  • Our software will give separate PDF for each and every email
  • Lotus Notes versions 8.0, 7.0, 6.5, and 5.0 are supported
  • Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 98, Me, and 2000 are supported

Visualize the process of conversion

Asked Any Query

Will this Software is able to Support Bulk Conversion?
Yes Why Not, software effectively converts entire mails in to PDF at once.
If I want to convert single mail in separate PDF can it possible?
Yes off course our NSF to PDF tool is enriched with so many advance technologies although this feature is the main property of our software. You can made single PDF file per mail.
Can this software will able to convert Meta Properties?
Yeah Sure, NSF to PDF software will preserve HTML Format, inline images, internet header and other properties.
What are the requirements it needed to run the Lotus Notes Converter?
You just need to have Lotus Notes and Adobe Reader on your computer to convert NSF to PDF file.
What are the benefits did I get with Demo Version?
Demo Version allows users to convert 10 mails from NSF to PDF. Through this user can fully analyze the tool and if they found it reliable they can invest their money to Purchase the software.

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